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Live More For Less is your one-stop destination for all cool hacks and ways of saving money both online and offline!! I’m gonna share some killer tips on how could actually live life king-size without having to be uber rich. It’s quite simple to be honest – you’d be amazed to see how much can just a few more clicks and few more mins can save you. So if you’re a college going teen or even a young tech savvy mom or even a working professional with no extra money to spare or anybody with some basic computer knowledge then this blog can potentially give you a great lifestyle upgrade.

I’m sure everyone of you have heard this one before – ‘One should live within his means!’ However, it’s not completely true :p In today’s fiercely competitive e-commerce industry, there is always an e-tailer who’d be willing to sell for less. A discount coupon for us is nothing but a marketing expense for them. The key is to be able to make the most of these and that’s exactly what you’re here for!! Here, you’re gonna read about some crazy tried and tested ways to do this.

Unlike most money-saving blogs, at Live More for Less I won’t be telling you how to budget yourself, cut down on your cinema visits or weekend plans etc. I’d tell you how to do all these things for a bit less! Basically, make the most of what you have. This is not a typical coupon-site or a savings forum. This is where you’ll learn shortcuts, loopholes in the fine print, ways to combine multiple offers/coupons and so on…… And occasionally, I’d also write about other things in life.

Turn these simple money-saving hacks into a habit and you’ll end up saving quite a chunk of your income every month. As we all know, “A penny saved is a penny earned”, so make sure you keep visiting more often 🙂

A bit about Me!

Hey Guys 🙂

I’m your Chief Saving Officer, Dharmil a.k.a Fifa (not coz of my love for the game but coz my last name is ‘Fifadra’). I’m a young Mumbai lad on my journey to becoming a serial entrepreneur. I’ve worked in varied industries including online advertising, FMCG and the entertainment industry in last few years. During my time at the online advertising company my fascination with blogging and the web only grew. Live More for Less is my first stint as a blogger.

I believe, I have a knack of spotting loopholes in any system; thats how I happen to across a lot of amazing ways to save a buck. For the longest time I used to think that most people also do the things I did in order to save money. It was at an event in my previous company where I spoke on this topic and all my colleagues looked quite dazed and amused by the end of the talk. It was after this event, that my friends and colleagues encouraged me to share these ideas with people and that’s how the idea for this blog was born.

I’m a simple, knowledge-hungry, straight-forward, no non-sense guy who highly appreciates innovation and creativity. In my spare time I like to watch documentaries/sitcoms, think, sleep, surf Youtube, play sports, and travel to wherever.

I’m not much of a writer or even a reader as such. So, please excuse the writing in case there are any grammatical errors :p Having said that, I’m sure you’ll find the content quite amusing!

Keep reading and spread the word 🙂

Happy Saving!



Chief Saving Officer,

Live More for Less!