How Does Crown It Work? How-To Guide & Latest App Review

Crown It is a simple user-engagement mobile app (operating only in India) that started back in 2014. I’ve been using the app myself since the time it was launched and I must say it has saved me a handful amount of money till now. However, over time Crown It’s business model as well as the app has undergone major transformations. More often than not, not only my friends but a lot of other people too have come and asked me how does Crown It Work? And how to use the Crown It App? In this post, I’m going to talk about everything there is to know about Crown It — right from how it started, the business model to how the app works now and how you can make some free money on it!

Think of this post just as a layman’s understanding of the app and how it works. We’re going to stay away from any kind of facts and figures.

Hope you enjoy reading!

How Crown It Started Out?

So, Crown It started out as an online-to-offline customer engagement app that aimed to drive actual traffic/footfalls to partner businesses/outlets (such as restaurants, spas, salons, etc) and get paid a commission for it. Crown It did this by luring customers with attractive cashbacks (in the form of ‘crowns’) every time you uploaded a picture of your bill from the partner outlet’s premises. 

Crown It was one of the first consumer apps in India to go after the online-to-offline marketing business model. However, over the last couple of years Crown It seems to have drifted away from this model. Maybe their partnerships with offline businesses did not sustain as long as they expected.

But, kudos to the guys at the offices of Crown It (Gold VIP Technologies Pvt Ltd) who took no time in changing the company’s core business model to ensure its survival. 

Crown It – The Business Model Now

Crown It is no more just a customer engagement marketing company. But rather, it’s now also a ‘consumer data-analytics’ company that collects various data-points about consumer spending habits and sells it for a buck. Mind you, all this data is provided by the users voluntarily for which they could win rewards in return.

Crown It, very well capitalised on it’s already acquired huge user base and quickly switched to this model. 

They now describe themselves as ‘India’s leading consumer data analytics platform’ that helps brands and research agencies connect with consumers across the country.

How Does Crown It Work?

Crown It no more gives you cashbacks (crowns) on bill uploads. Instead, on uploading a bill you get what’s called a ‘Weekly Rush Ticket’, using which you enter a weekly lucky draw. If you win, you get some really cool prizes like iPhones, JBL speakers, Amazon vouchers, or even some crowns. 

Crown It then collects all of this data, analyses it and then sells it to its clients from the relevant industry.

Not only that but Crown It also provides market research services (in the form of surveys, lead generation, etc) to other businesses. From time-to-time, I come across customised surveys on the Crown It App. If you’re eligible for the survey, you can get paid crowns/Paytm cash in return. (however, I’ve never been eligible for a single survey to date, so don’t know how widespread their coverage is)

In a way, it’s a win-win for everybody involved in the chain — businesses get access to genuine first-hand, real-time consumer data, Crown It gets its commission and users get rewarded for providing this data.

B2B Services Provided By Crown It:

If I wanted to list down the services Crown It provides other businesses, it’d be as follows:

  • Market Research
  • Branding & Advertising (on the Crown It App)
  • Lead Generation
  • Customised Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand/Product Surveys
  • Consumer-Data Analytics
  • Concept Validation

For further information, you could even refer their website here. So if you’re in the consumer space too and if you need any of these services you know where to go.

Why Should You Use Crown It?

To begin with, the app is legit and it works! I’ve been personally using it for a long time now and I must say Crown It has saved a handful amount of money till now. There are various ways in which you can ‘save/make’ money on Crown It which we will talk about a bit later in this post. 

Crown It definitely makes it to the list of ‘India’s Top Money Saving Apps‘.

Yes, maybe the saving isn’t much but with a little bit of luck, you could even win yourself a brand new iPhone 7! I personally have won quite a few crowns in a lot of these weekly lucky draws and even know people who’ve won much bigger prizes.

So if you’re not a Crown It user already, download the Crown It App and start using it immediately. 

I mean, you only think about it. Winning an iPhone 7 just for uploading a bill, not that bad a deal, right?

#LMFL Quick Saving Tip: Use this Crown It Referral Code: ‘DHARMF457’ here and get a few extra crowns on your first bill upload.

Other than just uploading bills, there are also other activities (such as a whole gaming section on the app) through which you can win some rewards too. 

They even run various bill upload contests from time-to-time.

Crown It App Layout:

OK, before we try to learn how to use Crown It let’s try and understand the structure of the app first.

The app is mainly divided into the following sections:

  1. Home Screen: This is from where you upload the bills, check out Crown It’s ongoing promotions, if any surveys are available, etc. You can also access the ‘gaming’ section from here.
  2. Gaming Section: This screen features all the games Crown It has on its app. You get to play for 3 days once you upload a bill. And in a couple of games (Tambola, Rapid Fire, Birdie Rush) you even get crowns if you rank 1st for the day. It’s a good time-killer while in transit.
  3. My Activity: Here you can check out your past uploads, winnings, crown balance and eve redeem crowns.
Crown It - Home Screen, how to use crown it
Home Screen
Crown It - Games Arena, how does crown it work
Games Arena
Crown It - My Activity
My Activity

How To Use Crown It?

Once you get your bill at any restaurant or any other qualifying bill just click on the ‘Upload Bill’ button on the home screen > select your bill category > Click done. 

Once the bill is approved you’d get a ‘Crown It Weekly Rush ticket’ that you can access under ‘Weekly Rush’ in the games arena. 

Now, what do you do with these ‘Weekly Rush Tickets’? 

Every Friday at 3 pm, Crown It declares the winning tickets. However, there is just a one-hour window until 4 pm to claim the reward. If you fail to claim your rewards between 3-4 pm then your friends get an option to ‘Steal Your Prize’.

LMFL Quick Saving Tip: Keep a reminder for 3:45 pm every Friday to check Crown It App.

By doing so, you’d rarely ever miss out on claiming any winning ticket. 

Moreover, you even have the opportunity to steal your friends’ unclaimed winnings. All you’ve got to do is, ‘Congratulate’ your friend for winning and if the friend hasn’t claimed his/her reward till 4 pm you can ‘Steal’ the prize. 

LMFL Prize Stealing Hack: if you really want to be able to steal the prize then log on to the app 2-3 mins before 4 pm; as there are a lot of people in the queue for stealing the prize.

So that was ‘Weekly Rush’ for you. Now let’s get to the ‘Housie/Tambola’ game in Crown It.

Crown It Tambola Game:

Everyday, at 2 pm and 9 pm Crown It hosts a game of Housie. You’re eligible to play only if you have uploaded a bill in the past 3 days.

Crown It Tambola
Crown It Tambola Prizes, how to use crown it
Winning Combinations & Prizes

It’s exactly similar to the traditional game of ‘housie’ that we all have grown-up playing. Just that it’s on an app. If you win, you get crowns. If you get a full-house you get a 500/- Amazon voucher.

I’ve kept a reminder for this as well 😀

So if I’m free around the time I make sure to play. The game itself is freaking addictive too! Till now I’d have won about 300-400 bucks on this game. There are more than 3000 players who join-in at times!

You can explore the other games too. 

How To Redeem Crowns On Crown It?

You can redeem your crowns by going to the profile section. There are multiple options to redeem your crowns but I’d suggest staying away from their ‘Deals’. (I find them quite useless and redundant, honestly,)

Instead, you can redeem your crowns for mobile recharges, DTH, landline bills, shopping vouchers, etc.

1 Crown = 1 Rupee

Crown It Redemption Options, how to use crown it
Redeem Crowns for Bill Payments
Crown It Redemption Options, how to use crown it
Redeem Crowns for Vouchers


All in all, a big thumbs up to Crown It. However, I loved it even more when I used to get cashbacks for uploading bills but nevertheless, we should give credit where it’s due. 

Folks at Crown It have done a great job in creating a unique proposition to collect real-time consumer data and turn it into a sustainable business. They were quick to adopt a new business model as soon as they realised their original model wasn’t working. A lot of big ticket businesses have gone down just because they were reluctant to adapt to change.

 Even with the app, they’ve managed to create quite a seamless user experience. The ‘games arena’ ensures regular user-engagement on the app as well. 

How much can you save on Crown It?

Honestly, not much. Over the last 2 years, I’ve save a little over 1800 bucks in Crown It. However, it’s a good way to keep in touch with whats going on in the consumer market and have some fun along the way.

And you never know, what if you do win an iPhone some day??


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