What Are Cashback Sites And Why They’re So Awesome?

Cashkaro.com - India's No.1 Cashback Site
In this post, I’m going to tell you how can cashback sites save you some real hard cash on all of your online spends every month!! Sometimes I wonder why not many people know about these sites yet. For me personally, a cashback site is a go-to site before I make any kind of online purchase.
cashback sites India, how to use cashback offers?
Cashback sites list all offers of top e-comm sites on their page. Basically, these are aggregator sites that have tie-ups with 1000’s of e-commerce sites they drive traffic to. For this traffic, e-commerce sites (such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc) pay commission to them for every successful sale made on their site. Now in order to expand their user base, these cashback sites now return a large part of this commission to the consumer (us) who made the purchase. So it’s win-win for everybody.

Some of the biggest cashback sites operating today include Cashkaro.com, Gopaisa.com and CouponDuniya among others. These have extensive user bases and claim to have paid out cashbacks in crores!! And I do not find it difficult to believe that. No wonder none other than Mr Ratan Tata himself has invested in Cashkaro.com.

Over and above giving us cashbacks on all our online spends, these websites are also a one-stop destination for the best working coupons on all your favourite online stores. And sometimes, you even come across some 100% cashback offers!!

If you’re not using cashback sites yet, you’re wasting a huge portion of your monthly income!!

You’d be surprised to know how much I’ve actually ended up saving in past couple of years of using Cashkaro. Check out the screenshot of my own account earnings below!
Cashkaro.com, cashback sites, potential earnings from cashback sites
My Cashkaro Account Savings Snapshot
The interface is also quite user-friendly and the withdrawal process is also quite smooth.



STEP 1: Visit Cashkaro.com and look up the online store you wanna buy from.

STEP 2: Click on ‘Activate Cashback’ under the store listing of your choice.

STEP 3: You’d be taken to the online store, now make a purchase how you normally would.

STEP 4: Voila!! Check your Cashkaro account a day or two later and you’ll see your cashback.

Depending on the product category, you can earn cashbacks of up to 20%. However, the only downside is that in some cases the cashback takes about a month or two to get confirmed.
Cashback sites are definitely something that all online shoppers should start using immediately and turn into a habit! With time and consistency, you can save enough to buy yourself a new phone!! I myself, have saved more than 40,000/- now across the last 2 years using Cashkaro.com
Happy Saving!
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